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Friday, June 2, 2023

Review: Velos Bulldog Clip/Hook


The Velos Clip/Hook is technically a homeware item but I did find it in a stationery store, so I think it counts. 
Plus it looks like a bulldog clip. 

A bulldog clip with a hook on one end. 
This is a very convenient piece of kit to have. 

You can use it vertically or horizontally. 

There are many examples of uses such as for your umbrella, keys, and even outdoors. 
Also included are rubber strips you can place on the clips to protect the surface you're clipping on to. 

I bought the Medium and slim Medium size. 
The difference is mainly in the hook size but both carry similar amounts of weight. 

However, after using it for awhile, I would recommend buying the L size, the M size can only be used on surfaces 10mm and below, which rules out use on surfaces like tabletops and shelves. 

Overall, it's a very practical item. If you are really into stationery, this will fit well into your home. 


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