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Friday, November 10, 2023

5 uses for the DAISO 9 hole compact binder + 2 pocket refill

A while back, we reviewed the DAISO 9 hole compact binder + refills. Today, we will show the latest addition to the lineup!

9 hole single sided 2 pockets refill
Measurement of pocket: 63mm x 89mm

Each pack comes with 30 refills.
Fits perfectly in the 9 hole horizontal binder from DAISO.
So what can you use it for?
1. Trading Cards
The first use is most obvious since the pockets are trading card sized.

2. Travel cards, point cards etc
Since the binder is compact and easy to travel with, its perfect for storing your transportation cards, tickets etc. Also good for storing name cards and other card sized items you collect on your trip.

3. Memo paper
You can always use some on the go. Be it for some journaling or just to write a note. 

4. Masking tape 
Just wind some around a card and you have the perfect way to carry an assortment around.

5. Stickers
Since you have memo paper and masking tape, you cannot forget the stickers! 

Now you are all ready for some journaling on the go!


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