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Friday, November 4, 2016

HOW TO: Photo Collaging on your smart phone using Moldiv

Smartphones have made life a lot easier for many of us in our daily lives and it is certainly no exception when it comes to journaling. I am often asked how I manage to get small photos printed for usage in my TN so I've decided to share how I do it with you.

First of all,I use an APP called MOLDIV. Its free to download in the AppStore. (I use an Iphone so I am only able to share how I do it on one for now.)

Once downloaded, open it and choose the COLLAGE option. 

You will be presented with many free collage layouts. 

Pick the collage you want. In this case I am using the one where there will be 4 pictures put together.

Before you do anything, click on FRAME ADJUST. 

Using the scroll bars, adjust the size to 3:2. This will then print into a standard 4R photo [4X6] nicely later on.

You can play with the other scrollbars if you prefer a border or shadow. I don't so I set it all to zero. 

When you are done, you can return to the previous screen [tap anywhere on the screen] Now tap on one of the frames and choose ALBUMS.

It will open your CAMERA ROLL [or whichever album folder on your phone].

Here you can choose which photo goes into the frames

When you are done and satisfied with how it looks, click the button with a tick in it.

This will be the picture collage you have created. 

You can add text using the Aa button or stickers using the heart button. When you are happy with it, choose the button on the most right side of the screen. [save button]

It will be saved to your camera roll. Here you can choose to print it directly [if you have a printer with airprint functionality. I'll talk about this next time] or send it to a commercial photo printing store [online or offline]

When it is printed, you can cut it into size [quarters in this case] and viola! small pictures perfect for embellishment and journaling in your TN!

Hope this is clear enough. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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