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Friday, November 11, 2016

HOW TO: Print mini polaroids using your smartphone

Last week I shared how to print a photo collage using the MOLDIV app on your phone. This week I'm expanding on that and sharing how to print mini polaroids using the same APP. They are not real polaroids of course but they definitely look cute. Perfect for journaling!

This tutorial assumes you already learnt how to use the MOLDIV app. If you don't know how to use it, please refer to this blog post.

Ok here we go. First choose the layout below.

Next we adjust the settings

I set it to around 70 but you can play around with it if you wish.

Next we fill it with pictures.

You can save it and get it printed at a commercial print store.

Or use Airprint if you own your own photo printer

After you get your print, you have to cut it to shape. You can use a xacto knife with a ruler or a paper cutter like me.

Here are the cutting guidelines [in red] below.

And viola! Cute little polaroids! Great for your travelers notebook or even as decoration. These would be perfect in our latest insert (available at our store here) too!

What will you be doing with these?

Let us know!

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