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Friday, July 14, 2017

Flying Tiger's 'Travel Notebook'

For those who are unfamiliar with Flying Tiger, it is the Copenhagen version of a 'zakka' store, very cute, somewhat useful and low priced. It's one of those stores that's really hard to leave without buying a thing. The store front is so cute you'll also have trouble walking past without going in.

Yes, we're suckers for cute things. 

I visited one of their stores on a recent trip to London. It was summer and there were a lot of cute summer themed things like mini deck chairs, floats, towels, you get my drift. I always pay special attention to the stationery section and I discovered a selection of 'Travel Notebooks' that looked similar to the beloved Travelers Notebooks. The covers came in a few different designs and each cover came with a kraft folder, elastics and 2 notebooks. For £2, it was a no brainer and I picked one up immediately. 

First up, it's hard to complain about quality, for £2, you get what you pay for. The cover is laminated hard cardboard and there are visible lines where it's been bent but otherwise rigid and feels like it would survive tumbling around a bag. It comes fully assembled and as mentioned, it comes with a kraft folder where one side is an envelope and the other, a pocket, it also comes with 2 notebooks (square grid and lined), I'm not a fan of the paper but refills were £1 a piece, so you're basically getting the cover/kraft folder for free with the purchase of the 2 notebooks. 

I reckon this would be a great starter kit for someone who wanted to try the travelers notebook system out but didn't want to invest heavily. Although I should mention that the Flying Tiger version is slightly smaller than the actual traveler's notebook. Refills from a traveler's notebook would not be able to fit into the elastics, but you can certainly slide it into the cover. 

Have you seen these in stores? What did you think? 

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