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Thursday, July 20, 2017

September Subscription Box: Real Life Fairytales

Have you ever read a story and wished you were the hero or the heroine?
Well maybe it is not as far fetched as you thought.

You might not slay dragons of the fire breathing kind but who is to say the adversities you overcome each day are any easier

You might not go on epic quests for treasure but the memories you make each day enriches your life just as much.

So you see..
You are indeed the hero or heroine of a story.
Your story.
The story of your life.

Your real life fairytale.

This box comes with a sticker set, a mini rose gold paper clip, a gold bookmark, a notebook charm, a clear pouch (perfect for storing your inserts) and an insert. 

Subscribe via our website or buy a single box from our Etsy store. 

Sticker only subscriptions available too! 




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