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Friday, January 12, 2018

5 New Stationery for 2018! Part 2

So last week the tea drinker shared her list for new stationery she bought for 2018, this week i am here to share mine!

1. Maruman Sketch Loose Leaf Paper

Being left handed, i appreciate being able to draw without anything in my way [like the spine of a conventional sketchbook] but being your typical OCD A blood type, i also like filing things so i am quite excited about this.


A journal made in conjunction with and sold exclusively at LOFT in Japan. This was a Christmas gift for me and features grid pages as well as re-positionable monthly calendar pages. 

3. Clear 6 hole diary

No real reason to be buying this for 2018 except for the fact i find it oh so pretty. Do i really need another reason though?

4. Kokuyo pon!pon! Donut seal stamp

Who remembers those rolls of donut tapes they sold back in the day? Except then the most exciting choices we usually got were white or clear [gasp!] but now...donuts!

5. Rose gold...everything

i'm gone down this rabbit hole a few years back but it really gained steam sometime mid last year ;what with so much being available. Stumbling upon HEDERA's rose gold collection simply sealed the deal for 2018. [Clips from our store here!]

Which of the above are you really interested in or have bought too? Let me know in the comments or tag us on Instagram


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