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Friday, January 19, 2018

Bunbougu Cafe (Stationery Cafe) Tokyo, Japan

Japan has heaps of themed cafes, cats, birds, hello kitty. There's so many I'm sure there's something for everything. On a recent trip to Tokyo, The Coffee Drinker and I decided to go to the Stationery Cafe in Shibuya, it's in a little street behind the main shopping street, not the easiest to find. 

First up, Bunbougu Cafe is next to a 7 Eleven in a basement and you arrive at the store part of the cafe at the bottom of the stairs. We didn't realise it before, but they were doing a collab on the day we went, I am unfortunately not familiar with the anime/manga they were doing the collab, but the entire cafe was kit out in the posters and merchandise, even the menu was themed. 

What is the draw of the stationery cafe you may ask. It's that they have tables of pens, markers, pencils, various stationery and paper for you to play around with. The highlight is definitely the large collection of copic that you can pick up and try and the cafe provides coasters that you can draw on which I thought was pretty neat. Do remember to return the stationery back to it's original spot after use, if you can't remember, a staff member will be able to help you out. 

We only had drinks but they were pretty good and we had fun testing out various pens and copic markers. There was also wall of non themed stationery if you want to browse but because of the collab, the majority of the store only had the collab goods. I'd like to go again when it is 'back to normal'. 

Have you been to this cafe? and if not, will you add this to your next Tokyo trip? Let use know in the comments. 




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