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Friday, June 18, 2021

Review: Binsen Fusen


I'm always on the new lookout for fusen. 

I use fusen on everything, taking random notes, shopping lists, when my planner runs out of space. 

I saw these ones by Binsen-fusen and thought they were really aesthetically pleasing so I picked them up. 

The packaging is pretty basic, I liked the recommended usage mini illustrations in the back. 

Some include, gift tags on presents, for work, and to write instructions. 

I picked up 2 sizes/designs. 

The L size is 85 x137mm and is a travel design. 
The M size is 85 x 85mm and the design is more geometric. 

They both come in 20 sheets and are thick paper, almost 125gsm!

I thought they would look great in a journal layout and it does. 
The thicker paper is really good quality and it's really nice to write on.

I cut the L size fusen in 2 halves and used it in another layout and I think it worked. 

Vellum in this layout is from our store: link

Overall, I think this fusen is great! The designs are very versatile and usable. 
Although a bit on the expensive, I would definitely consider purchasing new designs in the future. 


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