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Friday, June 4, 2021

Review: Mu Lifestyle Transfer Stickers


Everyone loves stickers and when I saw these ethereal designs, I was intrigued.

These stickers are by Mu Lifestyle. Each pack comes with a sheet each of 2 designs. 
Each sheets measures 100 x 150mm. 

They look like regular stickers but are transferred by placing the sticker on the medium and rubbing with a blunt object (I used the end of my letter opener).

They are very easy to use. 

First, cut out the design you would like to use. 
They are semi opaque, this makes it easy to move around to figure out the layout you want to do before committing. 

Then remove the backing paper, place the sticker on the paper, rub until you've more or less covered the whole design, and then remove the transparent layer. 

If successful, the transparent layer will lift off cleanly. 

One feature of this transfer sticker is that it can be printed on a myriad of surfaces, not just paper. 
You can even use it on glass, as long as it's a flat surface. 

The stickers are semi opaque, which means they be layered to create different effects. 

I used it here with our June printable.

The layering effect is really beautiful, the designs and colours are beautifully done. 

Although it sounds difficult, the transfer portion is simple, I also like the matte look of the sticker on the paper. It's truly unique, it looks almost like it was printed on. 

I enjoyed using these stickers and will definitely purchase more if I see them. 

Have you tried any transfer stickers? What brands have you come across? 
Let us know in the comments! 


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