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Friday, September 15, 2023

Review: KOKUYO Campus Correction Tape

 A while ago we mentioned colored correction tape from SEED as well as Rollbahn speciality correction tape in our blog posts. For those who use Kokuyo series CAMPUS notebooks. There is now also a special correction tape available.

KOKUYO Campus Correction Tape

The exterior is similar to the standard correction tape sporting a light fashionable color exterior.

So how does the tape look?
As you can see, when compared the standard TOMBOW Mono Note correction tape, the KOKUYO Campus correction tape is a perfect match for the Campus Notebook pages. Its a small detail but if you are someone that uses Campus Notebooks/Loose leaf paper who wants to reduce clutter or likes a very uniform look, then this is something you might want to try out!

Have you tried it?


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