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Friday, April 5, 2024

Review: Pilot Frixion Waai Ballpen Set


I'm always on the hunt for coloured pens. 
The colours on this set from Pilot's frixion line looked good. 

It's called Waai, it's the stylish version of the frixion line and the pen colours have romantic names to match. 

The set has 8 colours, each pen is 0.5mm. 
The colours are black, velvet red, turqouise, sand beige, dry peach, cheek pink, chilly blue and mini gray.

The colours are really pretty. If you don't want to buy a set, I recommend getting sand beige, chilly blue and mini gray. 

The design of the pen is very stylish and if you're looking for a certain aesthetic, these will fit into your collection well. 

When it comes to the writing, frixion is a very consistent good quality pen. 
The erasing feature is second to none.

So if you love frixion and always wanted a more stylish version, the Waai line is for you. 


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