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Friday, April 5, 2024

Review: MUJI A5 loose leaf paper polypropylene cover

A while ago whilst reviewing the eric×kleid loose leaf diary A5 I briefly mentioned using the loose leaf notebook cover from CAMPUS [Kokuyo Smart Ring Binder]. Today I'm here to talk about an alternative loose leaf paper cover.

MUJI A5 Loose Leaf paper polypropylene cover[Pictured here with the Kokuyo Campus smart ring binder]

Usage instructions
The main difference between the one from MUJI and the one from Kokuyo is their capacity.

MUJI A5 Loose Leaf paper polypropylene cover : 40 sheets
Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder : 25 sheets

This is due to the size of their spine.
Note that the one from MUJI is a frosted plastic whilst the one from Kokuyo is more of a clear plastic.
So if you are conflicted about which to buy, consider how many pages you intend to insert.

And of course, should you need even more capacity, you can consider the A5 slim binder notebook from Campus. Despite its name, you can insert up to 65 sheets of paper.

Do you like using loose leaf paper? Will you be giving one of these covers a try?

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