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Friday, April 19, 2024

Review: PILOT Juice Up 04 Classic Glossy Color 6 Color Set

Here at TN5C we are a big fan of black ink pens with a tinge of color! Previously we reviewed Sakura Craypas Ballsign iD and PENTEL Black Colors Collection 
Today we will be talking about these~
PILOT Juice Up 04 Classic Glossy Color 6 Color Set

Nib: 0.4mm (ultra fine) Also available in 0.5mm nib
Ink type: water-based pigment gel ink
According to the official website, Juice up pens use a newly developed synergy chip and new pigment gel ink to achieve a smooth writing experience despite its thin nib. 

Colors available: 
CGB (Classic Glossy Black)
CGR (Classic Glossy Red)
CGL (Classic Glossy Blue)
CGG (Classic Glossy Green)
CGV (Classic Glossy Violet)
CGBN (Classic Glossy Brown)


Recently I have come to like thin nib pens and this 0.4mm nib is perfect for writing in small details and drawing illustrations. However, the ink colors though dark are not as dark as the options from PENTEL or Sakura.
What do you think? 


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